Membership and Fees

Club Membership

If you are interested in joining OFISC, please contact us at:

We operate a waiting list and invite people to join throughout the year whenever possible. Membership runs from 1st September to 31st August, with fees payable in advance. All new members are invited along to a three week trial period costing £15 upfront*.  After this time, a decision will then be made between the Coaches and the Committee, dependent on their skating level, to invite the new member to become a full member of OFISC.

Currently membership fees for 2018/2019 are £185 for the first child, with a discounted rate for second and third siblings. New members joining throughout the year, are offered pro-rata membership fees,pre-determined by the OFISC committee.

*The original £15 trial payment is deducted from the membership fees.

All membership fees are non-refundable