Improvisation Event

May 27, 2022

OFISC will be holding an improvisation event on Friday 27/05/2022 during normal club ice time (between 5:30 and 6:30pm). It is for OFISC members only.

The event is a rare opportunity for OFISC skaters to use their skills and imagination to create a short routine. The music they will be skating to will be a surprise on the day. Because of this, nobody will be able to practice their routine beforehand and everyone will start from the same point. This is a fantastic opportunity for OFISC skaters to experience having the whole rink to themselves during their performance, get creative and have a lot of fun!

How It Works

  • Depending on the number of participants, the coaches will decide if skaters will work on their own or in pairs
  • The coaches will choose 4 different pieces of music, each lasting 1 minute 30 seconds (may be adjusted subject to final numbers)
  • There will be 4 separate rooms, each assigned to a different piece of music
  • Each skater will pick out a piece of paper from a pot that will assign them to a room (and particular piece of music)
  • Once in their rooms, the skaters will hear their piece of music played on repeat for 10 minutes, during which time they will plan their routine
  • Skaters warm up for 3 minutes
  • Each skater performs their routine to a panel of 3 judges that will assign marks
  • Skaters will stay in their rooms until their turn to skate so that they can’t copy each other, but they can watch the rest of the performances after their turn
  • Once everyone has skated, there will be a presentation ceremony to announce the winner